Flor Samoilenco

Hi! Let me introduce myself…

Tapestry crochet by Flor Samoilenco

Hi! It’s Flor 🙂

I’m an economist by profession, a crafter by passion. I design wall hangings with tapestry crochet and intarsia, in which I pour my favorite inspirations: geometric shapes, nature, abstract art, and architecture.

I’ve been creating things with my hands since I was little: I started with jewelry, made pottery, candles, furniture restoration, sewing, embroidery, among others. Quite a few!

I learned to crochet 5 years ago on a trip to the north of Argentina with my sister, where she taught me the first steps. I did amigurumis for a couple of years (which you can see in instagram.com/kitsune_handmade) and in 2018 I started creating tapestry crochet designs. With tapestry crochet or jacquard I found the way of combining crochet with home decor, in a modern and kind of minimalist way that separates from the traditional.

This technique came to me in a time of my life where I was struggling a lot with anxiety and stress, and it really is amazing how creating something with our hands can help. Making something that I love helped me feel better to make decisions that change my life for the better. I decided to leave behind my 9-to-5 job to focus on working freelance on stuff that I actually like doing, anywhere in the world (and I feel incredibly lucky for being able to do this). Now I’m about to start a 4 month trip around Europe and the USA with my boyfriend and I can’t wait 😊.

I created this site to share tips and tricks about tapestry crochet as well as my patterns, and to spread the word about this technique that offers endless possibilities! I will also share here interesting things I find on my trip, where I will take my crochet (of course 😛).

I hope you like reading what I will be sharing here, I have a lot of stuff to tell you 🖤